Happy 25th birthday JavaScript

Let’s look back at the journey of JS!

Image courtesy: https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/javascript-25/

JavaScript is at the center stage of Web Development now. It’s been 25 years since it emerged as a web development player. Let’s look at where it all started and how it would take shape in the future.


JavaScript the Definitive guide - Published. JS gets it’s own dialect.

Netscape submits a proposal to ECMA international to standardize JavaScript. Also the first version for Cascading Style Sheets comes in to play


The first Edition of ECMAScript (ECMA-262)- Published

JavaScript is now guided by a consistent set of guidelines according to which it should be implemented


Creation of Mozilla project from Netscape

ECMAScript 1 released with some editorial changes


Microsoft releases XHR (XML HttpRequest)- AJAX

HTML generator JSDoc released

ECMAScript updates to version 3 with important enhancements (Regular Expressions, try/catch, error handling)


Flash player 5 released with JavaScript support

Security vulnerabilities in web pages becomes imminent
Dawn of KHTML and Opera


Transfer of first JSON message

IE6 released with critics rating it as a “least secure software on the planet”


Birth of JSLint

Mozilla Firefox was released with better JS support than IE


ECMAScript 4 abandoned

Steve Jobs unveils Safari (internal fork from KHTML)


Canvas comes in to play from Safari

Gmail beta was released


Release of Dojo toolkit

Adobe photoshop includes JavaScript support

Ajax gains attention


Debut of jQuery

Yahoo launces YUI, one of the first minifiers of JavaScript

Google releases Web tool kit for compiling Java to JavaScript


Ext JS 1.0 was released

First iPhone launched without Flash support


Google Chrome beta with JS engine V8 released

WebSockets comes in to play


Introduction of PhoneGap - A new cross-platform application category

ECMAScript gets revamped

Node.js introduced


Angular.js and npm were born

JetBrains introduce WebStorm 1.0 - A new IDE for HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Introduction of WebKit Remote Debugging

Works start for prototyping React

IE9 released with JIT compilation


TypeScript made public

Introduction of WebPack module bundler


React becomes open source

ESLint and React Native works underway


Release of Vue.js

Babel.js works in progress


ES2015 released with big updates (promises, classes and more)

Initial release of Redux, GraphQL and VS Code


AngularJS becomes Angular with total rewrite

Next.js becomes open-source and ECMAScript 2016 released


Release of Prettier 1.0

Nest.js released on npm

ECMAScript 2017 released with async/await and more


React Hooks announced

Introduction of TensorFlow.js


Array prototypes introduced in ECMAScript 2019

Svelte 3 released amidst developer speculations


JavaScript makes in to space with SpaceX’s Dragon 2 interface built in JS

Deno1.0 released

ECMAScript 2020 released with Optional chaining and more for safe programming

Vue.js 3.0 released


ECMAScript 2021 with Logical Assignments and more scheduled for June 2021

Having looked at the history it’s safe to assume that JavaScript is here to stay and with the new ECMAScript updates and in the emergence of new frameworks we can say JavaScript may evolve to a more powerful language.

There’s more in the JavaScript cookbook like native support for ML instructions, emergence of logical programming in line with functional programming, might serve as an interface for brain-machine communication and whatever interface the future holds for us.

Thank you Jetbrains for an awesome article on JavaScript history which helped me write this blog



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